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Automated Reporting

Keeping track of procurement for superyachts is a complicated business. Automated Reports are a great way of keeping track of your quotes and orders. The reports are generated on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and emailed to customers in the form of an Excel workbook. You can customise the report to show quotes and orders for just one department, several departments or all departments depending on the information that is relevant to you.

Automated 'Quotation Overview Reports' show a range of useful information including which items have been quoted for, by whom and the value of the quote. Similarly 'Sales Order Overview' reports demonstrate what has been ordered, how many, by whom, the price and where in the supply line those items are, for example on order with our supplier, in our warehouse, waiting to be shipped or already en route.

These status reports are useful to everyone involved with the procurement process, be that project managers for a new build, yacht management companies and department heads wishing to keep an eye on expenditure, or crew needing to know when to expect delivery of an order.

Please call the Sales Team on +44 (0) 1392 354300 or email sales@globalservicesltd.co.uk

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