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Eco Works Marine

Ecoworks Marine produce the “Preserve the Living Seas” range of yacht and boat cleaning products which are environmentally clean, sustainable, eco-friendly concentrate liquids and have been specifically formulated for the superyacht, boat and marine industry.

Ecoworks Marine products are bio renewable, biodegradable and sustainably formulated to minimize the stress, acidity and impact on the marine environment. Their aim is to play a part in providing Superyachts and boat owners with a sustainable complete range of cleaning products and an alternative way to keep their yachts clean to help reduce their potential pollution impact on all our oceans.

All Ecoworks Marine Preserve the Living Seas products are compliant and surpass the MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5 criteria and are declared not harmful to the marine or river environment.

With the importance of 'being green' constantly on the rise, these products are great to use on-board for both interior and deck purposes.

As distributors of Ecoworks Marine we are able to supply the full range of products, promptly, as well as passing on discounts. Don’t miss out on these excellent products and help prevent potential pollution to our oceans!

To read more about Ecoworks Marine, please visit their website here


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