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Shipping & Logistics

Once an order has been placed, our boat managers work with our shipping and logistics co-ordinator to source the most cost and time-effective transport solution. The shipping and logistics co-ordinator takes into consideration whether the shipment is:

  • An urgent or standard delivery
  • To be shipped within the EU or internationally
  • Pallets or parcels
  • A bulk shipment

before deciding on the most cost and time effective way of shipping, whether that be by air, land or sea.

Every order that comes into our warehouse is checked, labeled and repacked. We make thousands of shipments a year and consistently re-evaluate our relationships with transport suppliers, guaranteeing our customers competitive prices on shipping.

With international shipments into and out of the EU, we also consider the relative import and export tax implications and will discuss options with you if we feel it is more cost-effective to organise a direct shipment from vendor to yacht.

Boat managers ensure customers are regularly updated with tracking details and ETAs as part of our standard commitment to good service.

Consolidated Shipping

New build projects or yachts in refit often ask us to store goods until they are required allowing them to take advantage of consolidated shipping. Where six or more pallets are required, bulk shipments on a dedicated vehicle prove to be more cost-effective.

Hazardous Goods

If chemicals, compressed gasses and other ‘hazardous goods’ need to be shipped, we have specialist companies who can transport these goods internationally. Sometimes it’s more cost-effective for hazardous goods to be sourced in the same country as the yacht and in this situation, we source local suppliers who can deliver hazardous goods straight to the yacht, saving money and time.

If you have any questions about shipping, please contact one of the Sales Team on +44 (0) 1392 354300 or email sales@globalservicesltd.co.uk

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